Schafer Design is Part of Historic Publishing Event

Publishing history was made recently with the release of LOGOS 1, the first-ever “creative compilation” produced exclusively as an eBook. Schafer Design is one of just over 200 firms from all over the world with work included in LOGOS 1.

When introduced the kindle reader in late 2007, the move to eBooks began. In less than four year, Amazon was selling more eBooks than hard-cover and soft-cover books combined. Until very recently, all eBooks were black and white, with type only.

But now, David E. Carter is producing full-colo eBooks, loaded with hundreds of examples of outstanding creative work – exclusively as digital editions.

Carter, who created over 110 “creative compilations” on logos, graphic design and advertising as ink-on-paper books, is the top-selling producer of books in the history of graphic design. Now, he has released eight new graphic design eBooks through his company, Bright Books. The full-color eBooks can be viewed on an iPad, Kindle Fire, other tablet devices, or on any computer.

For Carter, the most exciting thing about eBooks is the economics of the new media. “My old books used to cost $49.95. My new books are under $10,” he said. “This is a game changer for creative compilation books directed to creative people. They are now very affordable.”

Carter founded Bright Books in March of 2010, a month before Apple’s ipad was released. ” Once the kindle came out, it was inevitable that eBooks would eventually have color,” Carter said, “and I wanted to be the first mover in eBooks for the graphic design world.”

He Has realized that goal with his eight new books, which focus on logos, posters and Graphic Design. He will produce 13 more eBooks for the creative world by the end of 2012. The new books are available for instant purchase and download through The site also offers free 20-page sample downloads of each book.

Award Winning Logo Design

Schafer Design recently submitted several brand logos into David E. Carters Trademarks USA publication. This is a very prestigious publication, only three of the designs that were submitted won award certificates for Outstanding Logo Design.
Here they are……..
1. Santa Cruz Geeks Logo… 2. Jet-Pro Shower Spas Logo….. 3. Dr. Ballan Tuck Logo





Helpful Branding Tips for Small Businesses!

Step One – Define Your Needs & Objectives.
• Define Your Needs & Objectives.
• What are your overall business and marketing goals?
• What would you like to achieve qualitatively and quantitatively?
• What is your brands identity?
• Do you need or have a corporate ID in place?
• What role will various promotional tools play. ie; your website, online marketing, sales materials, public relations etc?
• Do you have a budget for marketing and new marketing initiatives?

Step Two – Paint a Picture of Your Customer
• Who are your ideal customers?
• What are their demographics?
• What attitudes do they have about your product category?
• What are their problems, wants and emotional needs that your product or service meets?

Step Three – Assess Your Competition
• Who is your best competition?
• What are their strengths and weaknesses?
• How do they position themselves?
• What are your strengths compared to the competition?

Step Four – Create a Compelling Marketing Campaign
• What will the elements of your marketing campaign be?
• What do you want to accomplish with each element?
• For your website, what functionality should it have?
• How will you measure success for your marketing in general and for each promotional tool?

Step Five – Identify Your Creative Strategy & Key Message
• To create your positioning statement: How do you uniquely solve an urgent need of your customer and prospect?
• To create an effective Corporate ID: What do you want your logo to convey in terms of style, tone, main message and colors?
• To create compelling messaging: For each distinct audience, what are the key messages that will engage them emotionally and motivate them to do business with you?

written by Patti Bond,

What Makes a Great Logo Design?

A Great Logo Design is distinctively original, practical, recognizable from afar, graphically powerful, simple in its form and function and conveys a message to the viewer. An effective logo typically has an intended message that it communicates to the viewer. It should be printable at any scale and be effective in black and white. A great logo usually comes down to a great artistic concept, with great graphical execution.